I…haven’t made a post in a while. That’s rather the problem with having a real life as well as a cyberspace alter-ego or two. So, since I haven’t yet had the time to craft something new worth reading, here are some of my plans for the future.

Having recently watched the excellent HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, along with the famous film starring Joan Crawford, my aim is to draw a set of comparisons between the adaptations. I shall look at the differences in how the characters are portrayed and to do this a certain amount of rewatching is in order. I shall also be tracking down and reviewing a copy of the James M. Cain original, which I do not at this time possess.

Having read all of Sophocles’ undamaged plays earlier this year, it is also my desire to make a multi-media review of Oedipus Rex – as text, as a Stravinsky opera (in both the sonic and visual forms) with a libretto by Jean Cocteau, and possibly in Cocteau’s own interpretative play The Infernal Machine. Obviously, that can’t be done in a day.

I need to do some revisiting of Franklin, Woolman, Penn so as to publish my first write-up of those Harvard Classics. That will require some rereading and may take several posts depending on how I’m feeling.

And then there are the two Centennaries 2012 happens to represent. There is, of course, Charles Dickens’ 200th, for which I will be blogging about the experience of having listened to Frank Muller’s Great Expectations. As for Lawrence Durrell, the challenge is twofold: Finishing The Alexandria Quartet before the year is out and being able to write about it without making a fool of myself.

My To-Be-Read Pile is well over 30 books, so I’ve no lack of ordinary review subjects – I merely lack the time required to read them.

There you have it. A little update on some of my more ambitious plans.