Lubna by José Luis MuñozBig news on the blogging front. I have been hired to write reviews for the multimedia website Media Snobs. The requirement for my work is that I write on books that are newly published or forthcoming and since there is a plethora of new and forthcoming literature in the world (all of which is too expensive to justify buying when you don’t have a job) I have accepted the offer. The people there will aid me in getting the books I need, which is a pretty nice benefit by itself. I won’t be paid, but I will get the opportunity to have my reviews published on a site with way more traffic than mine. This is a huge upturn in my fortunes. It calls for exclamation marks and pictures of cake and balloons but that will have to wait until my first review is up and I lose the white knuckles.

This will naturally herald some changes to Pseudo-Intellectual Reviews. I certainly have no intention of neglecting the place.

I will be posting a new book review every two weeks for Media Snobs. I will repost them here in an abbreviated form of my accustomed style, providing a snapshot description, a link to the full review and the usual book cover/author pic duo. These will be located under the “MS originals” tag as well as my usual means.

The first review will surely be murder but I hope to learn the rhythm rather quickly. After all, I have made it my habit to post every single month for Pseudo-Intellectual Reviews so being forced to post two reviews a month will not be a big change to my ordinary productivity. Continuing to produce original material for this blog while working for a professional website is in some ways my greater worry.

Even so, I have faith in my ability to swing this. I’m working on my next Harvard Classics essay (which will probably appear in the first half of this month, give or take the tedium of Phaedo) while waiting for the post office to deliver the book I intend as my first Media Snobs review. Hopefully that will arrive tomorrow. I’ll be burning the midnight oil (and possibly the five-in-the-morning oil) until Wednesday. Wish me luck.