The Long and the Short of It: In the interests of self-effacing honesty, I call myself a pseudo-intellectual, as in one who has had no “training” in her line of work. Past the second grade I have received no formal education. What you see on my blog is the result of homeschooling, self-schooling and ceaseless improvisation. When I was 14 I read The Mayor of Casterbridge because I wanted to be the sort of person who read classic literature. I developed a taste for the accomplishment and within a year embarked on War and Peace. At 16 I decided to become a self-styled scholar and began digesting The Harvard Classics. The more I read, the more widely I wanted to read. I thereafter made the leap from a diet of canon classics to a progressively more challenging and adventurous aesthetic, launching this blog as a result.

I review literature. I write posts detailing my experience with The Harvard Classics. In all I write, I strive for excellence and try to build my own professionalism. I do not limit myself by any literary ideology – traditionalists have no interest in foreign literature and multiculturalists censure the “dead white canon,” while middlebrows are scared of the experimental edge, self-professed “decadents” border on parody and feminists have no use for The Alexandria Quartet.

This suffices for an introduction. I also run a second, more informal blog – The Benefits of Cold Coffee – in which I am taking a chronological tour of record albums, from 1950 to today.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Nymith,

    I’m an administrator for the website Media Snobs, a site that offers criticism and opinion on a variety of different forms of art. I couldn’t find your email listed anywhere so I decided to just comment instead. Our site is currently looking for more writer’s with an international knowledge of literature outside of our base in North America. Check out our website and if you’re interested in writing for us please email me.

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