Movies and Miscellanea

My eventual hope is to launch a film blog, where reviews will be somewhat more casual in their composition and more swiftly produced than the book counterparts. Broken down, I watch 95% art-house and international, 3% film history (“history” meaning stuff from the silent era to the 70s) and 2% Hollywood (which does on occasion get it right). I have never yet stumbled on a film blog catering to those tastes and so feel compelled to invent one myself.

The Ten Best Films I Saw in 2013

The Five Worst Films I Saw in 2013



Great Expectations

Sleepy Hollow

The 39 Steps


My Year in Books: 2012

Anniversary Post

My Year in Books: 2013

Second Anniversary

My Year in Books: 2014

Third Anniversary


What’s in a Name?

Thoughts on Editions

Coelho, Hesse, Bach: Three Twentieth-Century Fables


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